Quick Reference Handbook for Criminal Lawyers


Crime QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) is an easy to use guide to criminal offences in England and Wales, for criminal lawyers and court advocates. It's a searchable database providing quick access to key details.

Key Details

Quickly identify the statutory provision, maximum sentence, mode of trial (including grave crimes), and Archbold/Blackstone's page reference.

Most Offences

All of the common indictable-only, triable-either-way, and summary-only offences are covered in the App.

Sentencing Guidelines

Where applicable, access the live Magistrates' Court and Crown Court Sentencing Guidelines for an offence with a single tap.

Custody Provisions

Any special provisions applicable to the offence are flagged up - for example, easily see if there is a mandatory-minimum sentence, if the offence requires a consideration of 'dangerousness', or if the offence attracts Notification Requirements.

Ancillary Orders

Identify if the offence is subject to obligatory/discretionary driving disqualifications, SHPOs, SCPOs, Unduly Lenient Sentence referrals, SOA Notification Requirements, and POCA lifestyle provisions.


Developed by Sam Willis, a barrister at 5 King's Bench Walk.

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