Fee Calculator for Criminal Lawyers

Updated with S28 Fee Increases (Jan 2024)

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Prosecution Fees

Calculate prosecution advocate fees under CPS Scheme F, CPS Scheme E, CPS Scheme D and CPS Scheme C.

Defence Fees

Calculate defence advocate and litigator fees under the LGFS, AGFS 13, AGFS 12, AGFS 11, AGFS 10 and AGFS 9.

Private Fees

Manually add private fees into the app, and keep a track of them.

Save Cases

Add each fee in the case to the basket and save for convenient reference until you have been paid.

Easy to Use

No need to compare complex fee tables. Simply select the type of hearing and offence, set the number of trial days, and the app will tell you the fee.


Developed by Sam Willis, a barrister at 5 King's Bench Walk.

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