Bespoke Projects

Willis Software has a proven track record of producing bespoke, intelligent and useful software.

Please click through the Project Showcase to see examples of our previous work, or read about some of our previously built software below:


User-friendly data collection

Paper is static, whereas software is smart and dynamic. Our previous projects have involved data collection: designed to be easier to use than paper forms, with digital advantages. As it was initially developed in-house for a large national sport governing body, it has benefitted from two years of constant perfecting and tweaking.

By utilising large text and buttons the software is very user-friendly. As a technology, touchscreen tablets are renowned for being intuitive and therefore have a very low learning curve. In practice this means that almost all participants will feel comfortable using the software.

As well as the freedom to set the exact questions and answers you need, you can also validate data as it is entered. Are you collecting post codes but want to make sure they are entered in the correct format? No problem. Or perhaps you need to ensure email addresses are entered correctly? Easy. You can even have the software connect to the internet to validate data from external sources, for example for resolving full street addresses from post codes.

The order and content of your set questions and answers can also be dynamic. Perhaps you need a different question for an adult compared to a child, or perhaps a different question depending on location? Software allows for much smarter data collection, giving you the tools to obtain only the meaningful data you require.


A few of our projects have implemented a fun, unique and powerful leaderboard function. This allows a HDMI TV to be wirelessly connected to a tablet, to display a scrolling, automatically updateable leaderboard.

Have participants register on a tablet, run your event as normal and then use the software to record the result. This then broadcasts the results to a live scrolling leaderboard on a TV, giving your event a professional and dynamic competition.

Perfect for schools: use it at a one-off taster event, as part of sports day or throughout the year as an annual record sheet.

Perfect for trade shows and events: have a competition for members of the public, or use it to display live event results.

Perfect for clubs: run an internal-club competition, use it a taster session for beginners or maintain a record sheet.

 Digital certificates

Our flagship product, PaddlePower, is an example of our certificate generation software. Digital PDF certificates are generated, replacing expensive printed stationary. These can then be automatically sent via or email or printed, eliminating postage costs.

Event and participant details can be dynamically placed on to the PDF certificate of your design, giving you full control.

 Custom designs

It’s good to be unique. Every piece of software we create is fully customisable. From the question and answers to the background and logos, every part can be set to your bespoke requirements.

There is also the option of having custom background graphics created for your app by a professional digital graphics artist. These graphics are then incorporated into the design of your app, creating a bespoke and crisp product that participants love to use and look at.

 Bespoke exporting

Paper is out-dated! It takes up far too much physical space, it’s easily lost or damaged, and even it if reaches the office intact then you have to rely on legible handwriting.

Bespoke software is the solution. Because data is entered subject to your requirements, it always comes back to you in the format you need it. If you have a question that only has a yes or no answer, then you can use a checkbox to ensure you always get an expected result. If you have a question with multiple choices, that’s easy too. If you have a question that requires a text answer, a keyboard pops up which eliminates any issue with handwriting.

Previous projects have opted for exporting the data as a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which can be opened in nearly all spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. Other projects have opted for the data to be automatically uploaded to a secure website-hosted database. In conjunction with the leaderboard feature this allows for an archive of event results to be built up and displayed on your website.

Other custom exporting options can be explored on request. As an example, the leaderboard feature was developed as a result of a customer request and is now a feature available to all.