Willis Software is excited to present, your new virtual trophy cabinet – Trophy+

Do you have trouble with misplaced folders?

Worn binders full of age old certificates?

We all do.

Throughout our time in education, and the transition into adulthood, there are plenty of opportunities to earn hundreds of different awards.

If you want to try a new sport or learn to play a new instrument, there will be an opportunity to gain a recognised qualification. Often, these certificates become damaged over time, lost or simply forgotten about.

Then we find ourselves applying for a jobs, or making a college application a few years later. We’re in a state of frenzy over where our GCSE grades could be? You roughly remember your grades, but do you remember the specific date of each award?

Trophy+ makes sure you don’t have to.

Our cool new app has the ability to store a whole host of awards and certification, making sure that nothing is forgotten or misplaced.

Medical certificate soon to expire?

No need to fret. Trophy+ has a built in alert system. It notifies you about any upcoming expiry dates; keeping you several steps ahead of time!

On top of this, our handy app comes with a great bunch of useful features:
– iCloud syncing
– Stores key information about each certificate/award/trophy
– Gorgeous background graphics
– Over 80 beautiful icons

This convenient app makes your life easier, and banishes clutter of tattered folders.

Available in the app store from 1st of July, this app already has so many more features to come!
– OS X desktop version with iCloud syncing
– CV text builder
– Scan in certificates

Keep your folders under control, and download your digital trophy cabinet – Trophy+.

Have a look at how it works here!