Norfolk Community Law Service on FormTap




The Norfolk Community Law Service app was developed to assist their free legal advice services.

Its purpose is to replace the standard ‘New Client’ paper forms that were being used to collect a client’s contact details, demographics and consent.

It connects directly to the organisation’s web-based client database and is able to upload all of the client’s details directly into a new record. It is also able to download existing client records; if an existing client attends a later session, the process of registering their attendance is a simple matter of identifying their record by name and address.

NCLS assisted 2,160 clients in 2013/14. 76% of these clients (1,641 individuals) inputted their information directly to the database via the app.

The key benefits have been:
> time dramatically reduced: as volunteers are no longer needed for data-entry
> data accuracy: deciphering handwriting is no longer an issue
> physical storage vastly reduced: as paper records are not created
> printing costs reduced