Mobile Apps

We have a proven record of taking ideas and turning them into successful mobile applications accepted for publication on the major (Apple and Google) app stores.

We have experience developing all sorts of mobile applications, including:

  • Data Collection – digital forms for collecting and storing customer/client data
  • Reference/Books – interactive digital versions of books, for displaying information to users
  • Digital Training/Certificates – for digital courses e.g. sports or professional CPD, where a user watches videos or completes tasks in order to obtain a certificate
  • Games

We work with our customers at every stage of the process:

  • Initial Specification – establishing the end-goal for the app, deciding on key and desirable features
  • Wireframes and UI Design – reviewing mock-ups of what the app could eventually look like, and how it would function
  • Prototypes – testing each major feature as it is developed
  • Final Testing – testing the final versions of the app before they are submitted to the app stores

We have experience with advanced features, such as:

  • Geofending (the app detects where the user is, and being in a certain location triggers a specific function)
  • Connecting to APIs (interacting with external systems to share data)
  • Social Integration (linking the app with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms)
  • Monetisation (using in app-purchases or subscriptions within the app to generate revenue)

Project Showcase – Crime QRH

As part of an internal project, we designed and launched a reference app for criminal lawyers in England and Wales. Designed as an easier-to-use replacement for a book, the app contains a searchable database of hundreds of criminal offences, providing quick access to key details for each offence.

We developed the app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and Android, designing a user-friendly interface for each platform focused on displaying the required information to the user as simply as possible.

The app made it into the top 5 most popular reference apps in Apple’s App Store. The website for Crime QRH can be found here.

Project Showcase – PaddlePower

We developed a training and certification app for a major sporting national governing body. Our client wanted to modernise its existing youth progress certificates (used by participants to track their progress through the sport, by achieving a recognised qualification when they had demonstrated the required skills and abilities).

We worked with them to design an app which contained all of the information about each certificate – which tasks needed to be completed, what each task required, and a demonstration video for each one. The app then also acted as a digital ‘progress card’, tracking the progress of each user and ultimately providing a digital certificate on completion of the course.

The app had several advanced features, including the use of QR codes to ensure that a certificate could only be awarded by a recognised coach, and the use of APIs to send progress data back to the client.

Project Showcase – Norfolk Community Law Service

We developed a data collection app for a legal advice charity. Its purpose was to replace the standard ‘New Client’ paper forms that were being used to collect a client’s contact details, demographics and consent.

We used an API to connect the app to the client’s existing web-based database, which meant that it was able to upload all of the new details directly.

In its first year, the app was used by 1,641 users. The benefits included: time dramatically reduced (as volunteers were no longer needed to manually input several thousand forms a year), data accuracy (as deciphering handwriting was no longer an issue), and physical storage vastly reduced (as paper records were no longer created).

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